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Recent Business and Tax Problems Solved

Advised a client on the structuring of a lease buyout resulting in a $66,000 tax savings.

Appealed the results of an IRS audit resulting in a $3,000 reduction of taxes owed.

Showed a new business client how they could triple their potential income by changing their pricing model.

Used a new tax law (NOL Carry Back) to get a refund for the client of over $1,900.

Researched independent contractor vs. employee resulting in thousands of dollars worth of payroll tax savings.

Filed amended Federal and State income tax returns for several years for a new attorney client, saving $17,000.

Recommended to a client to unwind a real estate transfer to an LLC that was done by their attorney. Otherwise, the bank would have called the loan and created an unnecessary tax liability of thousands of dollars.

Currently researching how a client can structure the purchase of a business and benefit both parties for tax purposes.

Assisted a corporate client in obtaining bank financing by preparing the loan application

Saved a client almost $200,000 by advising them not to agree to the sale of their business according to the terms of the unsigned legal agreement.

Currently working on removing a $12,000 tax assessment by the State of Wisconsin for a client.

Saved a real estate investor Federal and State income taxes by timing the sale of rental properties in the most favorable year.

Helped a client save $500 per month on utilities by using alternative energy sources.